Franziska Polzer-Foreman

Special offer

If you like, I could develop a oeuvre especially adaptet to your room. This could be a certain size or as well the color scheme.

A few examples:

Red Medallion 1
Red Medallion 2
Red Medallion 1 + 2, each 85 x 80
Desired was a two-part work for a spacious staircase in red tones
Flowing, 45 x 80
A relatively small place was available and there were water pictures next to it
Harp, 33 x 46
A cover fabric should be incorporated and the dimensions were predetermine
Blue Geometry
Blue Geometry, 110 x 110
The buyer's preference for geometric shapes was worked into it
Energy, 210 x 80
A work for the German Association of Homeopathic Physicians, which had moved from Bonn to Berlin. In Bonn they had a wonderful view of the Hofgarten