Franziska Polzer-Foreman

How to create Coudrage

Industrial Sewing Machine, detail Industrial Sewing Machine

Unusual materials, layers and repetitions, graphic elements as well as three-dimensional pictures have always been fascinating to me. Also my exceptional sewing machine - enabling me to "draw" stitches on fabric.

Colours and designs attract me magically. Paper and fabric are my elements.

Maelstrom detail Industrial Sewing Machine, detail

In 2012 I moved into a new office and realised some echo. This was mainly caused by some filing cabinets and shelves that were covered with a variation of tissues behind glass, which created an interesting colour scheme in my room..

Those fabrics I first used for experiments to create a picture to enhance the acoustic. I sewed them together in several layers (a variation of the chenille technique), cut them open, ruffled and treated them. Since then I am overwhelmed by the possibilities of this technique.

In photographs you can always only see parts of the layering and three dimensionality. Therefore I invite you to visit one of my exhibitions or my studio.

I am looking forward to seeing you!